A Lost Daughter

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Stephanie Headley Lanteigne is my daughter.  I have not been able to speak with her for over eight years!  I helped her brother, Marc Headley, escape Scientology and as soon as it was determined he and his wife, Claire, came to me, I was unable to reach her.  I was even told they didn’t know who she was!  I didn’t even know where she was for a couple of years, but have received information that she is currently in Toronto and  got married a few years ago.  I got that information fourth hand, though, and have not been able to confirm it or get any further details.

Stephanie has three nephews she has never seen, or for that matter, I’m not even sure she knows about them.

Her mother, Trudy Hensley, who is also an “offloaded” Sea Org Scientologist, has seen only seen two of her grandsons once at a memorial service for her brother who lost a battle with bone cancer.

Each day that passes is a day lost forever that Stephanie will never be able to get back.  While my own pain in this situation is very real and with me everyday, I still have the joy of spending time with Marc and Claire and their three boys, as well as all of the vast extended family from both my relatives and Trudy’s relatives.  Will Stephanie and Trudy ever be able to experience that joy?