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Mother and daughter silhouetteThe purpose of this site is to document Scientology’s practice of disconnection – destroying families in order to keep its members subdued, controlled and leveraged.

This is a mother-daughter owned and run site. Specifically, a mother who lost her daughter to scientology (Cindy Plahuta) and a daughter who lost her mother and immediate family to scientology (Claire Headley).

Here is some information on who we are:

Claire Headley:

I was born into scientology and finally managed a desperate escape in January 2005. Two days after I left, all my immediate family who were scientologists disconnected from me and will no longer communicate to me.

This included by mother , step father, brother, two sisters, uncle and two cousins.

My mother has never met her only grandchildren, my three sons, ages 7, 5 and 4 months.

I have written more on this subject here: www.breakingfromscientology.com

I have known Cindy Plahuta since I was 14 years old. Cindy’s daughter, Kara Landy and I were friends. I lost touch with Cindy for from 1991 until 2009.

Cindy Plahuta:

I became interested in Scientology in 1987. I had moved to a new city and state and my new employer was a Scientologist and insisted that I take Scientology courses. In 2010, I was deemed to be Suppressive by the Church of Scientology as I had read the articles by St Petersburg times on violence within scientology, and I spoke to those interviewed in the article. At that time, my daughter (Kara Landry) and step daughter (Cara Plahuta) were told that they could not talk to me. EVER AGAIN.

I can never explain in words how painful this has been, as I love my daughters very much. But they both have their “eternity” at stake and that is more important to them than anythin g else. They both believe that they are in the ONLY group that can save the planet and mankind.

Disconnection is an insidious and painful practice that must be stopped. Scientology holds disconnection over the heads of anyone that asks questions or wants to leave. There are tens of thousands of people in the world that have been affected by disconnection. We will have stories and videos of disconnection and we will also have stories of reconnection.

I have known Claire Headley since 1991 as she was a friend to my children. I have witnessed her journey through life without her Mom, siblings, etc which she has done gracefully and with great courage.

I hope this site will help you with any questions about disconnection, help you find others that you can talk to about disconnection and hopefully provide some hope to those that have been disconnected from.