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    Think: Raise b to the power of y to obtain x. y is the exponent. The key thing to remember about logarithms is that the logarithm is an exponent! The rules of exponents apply to these and make simplifying logarithms easier. Example: 2. 100 log10. = , since. 2. 10. 100 = . x. 10 log is often written as just x log , and is called the
    Exponential and Logarithm Rules Reminder Sheet. Here are some facts you’ll be glad you remembered. Exponent Rules: (a & b are positive real numbers, x & y are real numbers). Write examples of each rule. Can you prove it in general? yx y x a aa. +. = yx y x a a a. ?. = ( ). ( ) xx x xy yx ba ab a a. = = x x x b a b a. = ..
    Rules Of Logarithms. Winter, 2003. Rules of Exponents. 1 ak. = a?k ak an = ak+n ak an. = ak?n. (a b. )k. = ak bk. (ak)n = akn k. v a = a1/k. Rewrite each of the following expressions in the form a b c . 1 a7 b2 abc. 2. (at b5 cr. ) (a2 c3 b2. ) 3 a2 b?2. v c a3/2 b?3 c5. 4. ( a3. v b c7. )5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
    n) logc vc o) logs s p) loge ( 1 e3 ). 5. The first law of logarithms. Suppose x = a n and y = a m then the equivalent logarithmic forms are loga x = n and loga y = m. (1). Using the first rule of indices xy = an. ? a m = an+m. Now the logarithmic form of the statement xy = an+m is loga xy = n + m. But n = loga x and m = loga y from
    The notation is read “the logarithm (or log) base of .” The definition of a logarithm indicates that a logarithm is an exponent. is the logarithmic form of is the exponential form of. Examples of changes between logarithmic and exponential forms: Write each equation in its exponential form. a. b. c. Solution: Use the definition.
    Exponential and Logarithmic Rules. Remember that we de?ne a logarithm in terms of the behavior of an exponential function as follows. Note that lOgb a is read “the logarithm of a base b.” De?nition: y =10gb a means that If” = a . (*) (We assume b>0.) So when we raise b to the 10gb a power, we get a as the answer!

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