The Secret of Disconnection

Cindy Plahuta
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The secrets of Scientology are plentiful but the secret of Disconnection is becoming widespread knowledge.

I was in Scientology for 20+ years and I was at the “Top” of the Bridge To Total Freedom and decided that I had had enough. But I also knew that it was very difficult to get out with your family intact. So I read everything I could online and then I called and visited people to find out about their journey, leaving The Church of Scientology. I was resolved to get myself untangled from this mess with my kids and spouse.

My daughter (Kara Landry) and I have been very close her entire life and we spoke nearly everyday. The photo is of Kara and I at her wedding. Since she is on staff at the Southcoast Mission in Foothills Ranch, CA, I knew that this would be a challenge. When I spoke to her about my discoveries and expressed my concern for her, Kara did not want to hear any of it. Two days later, I spoke to Kara; I had an email from Deb Trozzi at Southcoast Mission, stating that I needed to contact the DSA at Orange County Org that could help me, as Kara was very concerned. For those of you that are not familiar with DSA, it an arm of OSA (Office of Special Affairs) which is akin to the CIA in the United   States. In other words, Kara turned me into the “Church”.

I did not contact OSA, but I did agree with Kara to not speak to her about the “Church” Well, this lasted about a year and then she called me and wanted me to call the Ethics Officer at Flag. I told her that I would not do that as it had no meaning to me at all. It was like someone asking me to call the Pope. I am not Catholic and I am not a Scientologist. She said that if I did not make the call, I was going to be Comm Eved. I thanked her for letting me know. I was planning on talking to her in person the next week as I was scheduled to go to California for a visit and to attend her ballet performance.

Kara sent me an email the next day, that she preferred that I did not come the next weekend but she would still talk to me. Well, that was 2+ years ago, and she has not spoken to me since. I have tried everything to get her to talk to me.

A few weeks after Kara stopped talking to me, my step daughter, Cara Plahuta, would not respond to calls from me or her Dad.

Both of daughters have stopped communicating with most of our families (never in Scientology) as they talk to us.

In the fall of 2010, my husband received a call from Flag, the Ethics Officer asked him what his status was, if he would divorce me. Of course, Matt told him no. Really, the Church of Scientology intended for me to lose my daughters and my husband. Wow, what a great “Church”!

Then, my friends of 20+ years either just stopped responding to my calls or wrote me an email disconnecting from me. NONE of my friends called me up and asked me what was going on.

One person later that got out of the “Church” told me that the DSA at the Denver Org had a DA (Dead Agent) pack on me with photos taken by a private investigator.

And this is a “Church”! I now consider this to be a criminal organization similar to the Mafia.

This is Kara and I at her wedding

This is Kara and I at her wedding

After all this, I am very happy that I did get out of Scientology but leaving my daughters behind has been very difficult. The 1st year was horrible, all I could do was cry, cry and cry some more. Every birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is painful. The first Christmas, we did not celebrate. We did not put up a single decoration. So many times when we have some good news we want to share, I start to call Kara and then I forget, she will NEVER speak to me again. And the pain just hits me again because it is sooo painful to not see or talk to my daughter.

So, I can tell you all about Disconnection and it is the secret weapon the Church of Scientology uses to keep you from leaving and to keep you from talking. After my daughters disconnected from me, I have no reason to remain quiet. I will make it my personal project to shut down the Church of Scientology and to reconnect families. I could have left quietly but the “Church” has made an enemy of me.

The secret is out. I do believe that Disconnection will bring “The Church of Scientology” to extinction.

Cindy Plahuta