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History has proven that tyrants tend to have their “weapon of choice” when it comes to controlling and dominating others.

Scientology’s weapon of choice is disconnection.

If you’ve heard of scientology, chances are that you have also heard of disconnection.

Quite simply, disconnection is a practice wherein a scientologist must cease all communications with a person in order to remain a scientologist.

The kicker is that the scientology organization has the power to order any scientologist disconnect from any family member. And they exercise this self ordained power on a routine basis.&n bsp; So, essentially, they get to play God.

And in practice, scientology has broken and destroyed thousands of families.

It is a horrifying experience to suffer through.

And the purpose of this site is quite simply to document the existence of disconnection, which scientology has categorically denied, and bring pressure to bear on scientology so that, eventually, they will cancel the practice of disconnection.

After all, civilization’s history is colored with hundreds of examples of past practices that were later deemed barbaric. Slavery, public punishment, hangings, just to name a few.

If we were able to put an end to forced abortions in scientology’s sea organization, then we can put an end to the practice of disconnection.

If you believe disconnection is a crime and have experienced, witnessed or know of disconnection practices, you are welcome here.

Please share your story, publi cly or anonymously as you so choose.

Let’s unite and let our voices be heard in unison.

One brick at a time we break down these walls, let words be our weapon.

Thanks for visiting, sharing and joining in our endeavor to stop Scientology’s practice of disconnection.

With love,

Claire Headley